Promax Render R callipers

I have Promax Render R disc brakes on my Cannondale where the adjuster dial has seized, I've tried to use pliers to turn the adjuster but that resulted in the plastic covering coming off. I tried an allen key to turn it looks like the metal dead soft and has resulted in it starting to round off.

any ideas how I can get this adjusted temporally to buy me time to get a different brakeset?

Thanks very much

PS: what alternative could you recommend (i'd like to stick to cable discs)


  • edward.s
    edward.s Posts: 218
    I had those on one of my old bikes, they were not brilliant for sure. All I can think of to free them is giving them a good dose of hot water to wash out grime etc and cut some kind of slot in the bolt or disk to turn with a screwdriver.

    I replaced mine with hydro brakes but its an expensive business with new shifters etc.

    If you are sticking with cable then I'd look at one of the calipers that moves both pads at the same time, like the TRP Spyre.
  • Thanks @edward.s for your reply. I'm not great mechanically, am I right I can switch over to TRP Spyre the bolt holes should line up.

    I have hydraulics for my MTB but am happy to stick to cable for my CX