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Bottom bracket tools for PF30 removal and install

I've made the leap and got me a BB to convert a PF30A frame to using a Shimano 24mm crankset. I'm now deciding whether to buy the tools and do the job myself or hand it over to the local bike shop. I fully expect this to be a one-time, one-way job so am reluctant to spend lots of money on good tools I'll likely never use again.

I can see lots of very expensive tool sets on the main bike stores and lots of very cheap tool sets on eBay and Amazon. The cheap sets all seem to be made of aluminium/alloy and there's many reports of them bending or failing. The expensive sets are out of my price range.

Kogel seem to do the PF30-24 drifts themselves here but not the whole kit.

Does anyone have a tool that can remove PF30 cups+bearings (ideally in a non-impact fashion), and a drift to install a 24mm inner diameter bearing into a PF30 shell?


  • PMarkPMark Posts: 159
    edited March 2021
    When I did something similar, I just bought the BB from Evans and got them to install it (£30 at the time). Went from press fit PF30 BB to a Praxis M30 BB.

    I have since bought the tools to do this (so I can service it), but cost me around £100 and I generally went with cheaper stuff. Depending on what BB you have/are going to, you not only need the tools to remove your old one, but the new BB may require a different set of tools to install.

    So in your case, I would just get a shop to do it.
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