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Wobbly tyres

emanresuemanresu Posts: 320
Fitted some tubed 32mm gp 5000's this morning, first time I've used a tyre wider than 25mm on road and it was a surprisingly comfortable and grippy experience, and then went for a quick ride . Washed the bike when I got back and noticed both tyres had a slightly side to side wobble, only a couple of mm, checked the wheels and both wheels are true. So I removed both tyres, soaped and bounced during the inflation and both tyres have still have a slight wobble. Can't say I've ever noticed this before but can't say I've looked either.

If I accept it, ignore it and just ride the bike will I die?
Or should I keep mounting the tyres until they're perfect? In which case any tips??

Oh, the bead line is same height above the rim all the way round the rim so I presume the tyre is correctly seated?


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    when I used to use tubs in the time before history it was a seating issue, I've even got a set of pliers somewhere used to help get the tyre into the right position.

    ive also seen the same issue on clinchers but since the tyre bead and the rim interface I've always assumed any wobble to be a manufacturing fault. (if the rim / tyre is seated properly.). where its happened I've just got on with it and all was fine.

    in your case since the bead line is constant I imagine all is well and you too have a manufacturing defect. Annoying but probably won't make much if any difference. Send them back if you're not happy
  • Is the inner tube seated properly in the tyre and/or the correct size for tyre width?
  • emanresuemanresu Posts: 320
    They're a 32mm tyre on a rim with an internal width of 21mm. Inner tube is correctly seated.

    I've ridden the tyres for 8 hrs or so since the original post and I've hit 70kmh+ and nothing bad happened so I've decided not to worry about it. It really is an ever so slight wobble in the tyre that'd you never notice unless you look hard enough
  • Charlie_CrokerCharlie_Croker Posts: 1,660
    What I’ve found with my trail bike is it’s nearly impossible to get the tyres running symmetrically just using a hand-pump following a puncher repair. It does look very strange them wobbling about, though you can’t feel it until the speed builds.

    What I do once home is let it down again, apply a little water (with or without soap) and inflate with the stirrup pump or foot pump. Overinflating them by quite a bit, this centres the tyres, I then let down to the desired pressure level. Everything then looks just right and centred no more wobble.
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