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Which type of Bottom Bracket is this?

tonysjtonysj Posts: 391
Hi All,

I've changed the chain on my turbo/winter bike yesterday and noticed there's some "play" in the crank laterally but the bearings seem smooth. I'm not sure which type it is.

Its a BTwin Triban 520, 2016 Sora groupset and I think its a HT2 Threaded but not 100% sure.
The info on the cups is; BC1.37 X 24, its got 16 slines and 44mm diameter. I haven't got the correct socket to remove the cups yet but have removed the crank to see inside.
The cups are silver and the bearings are on the outside inner edge of each cup, I can see the silver cups inside the crank/BB then there's a black sleeve between the 2 cups..
I've taken couple of pictures if needed.
On a strange note it says on the cups Do Not Disassemble!!

Q, what type is the BB?

What tool will I need?

Is it a full BB to replace them or just the bearings?

Im still learning about this stuff lol.




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