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Winter rear wheel for 29'er mtb

Giant Anthem 29'er 12 x 148 boost rear wheel fitted with 12 speed GX eagle cassette and derailleur. i want to have a cheap rear that i can fit a winter tyre to rather than having to mess about changing tyres.

I assume i am limited by 12 x 142 but not sure 100% on does it have to be:

1. 12 speed?
2. Sram GX
3. Will i need a specific driver?

i want to do it as cheap as possible so any help on how to get a rear that will work on this set up would be really appreciated


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,678
    You'll need a 12x148mm Boost hub, but you can fit a Sram NX Eagle cassette which is a lot cheaper and uses a Shimano spline, which tends to be much more available on the cheaper end. You lose a bit of top end speed because the smallest cog is an 11 tooth rather than a 10.
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