New bike decision paralysis

Im having a bit of bike buying decision paralysis so Im hoping the bikeradar community can steer(ha!) me in the right direction here.

I cant say that biking is new to me. I have been using an older road bike with down tube shifters for a long time. Probably about 15+ years now. Causal rides, about 10-20 miles just cruising along the beach bike path. Recently Ive been pushing it further and onto the roads. Regularly doing 20-40 miles with climbs involved and its not hard to see where a newer bike would feel much more comfortable doing so. I also recently bought bibs and a jersey and Im pretty sad I waited so long to embrace the supple feel of spandex.

All of this is to say Im in the market for a new bike. Like most people these days, the gravel/cyclocross style of bike looks the most appealing to me. I've always dreamed about doing some bike packing trips(I do a lot of week long backpacking trips in the sierras and am already setup with that gear) so Id like to get something with rack mounts and good gearing(I know nothing about gearing) for getting around easily and doing some climbing. In reality most of my riding is 75% road and 25% fire roads/dirt trails(I think its called single or double track?) but it would be nice to take some trips where Im only on the fire/dirt roads.

Im currently looking at the Trek Domane, State Bicycle Co Black label all-road, and the POSEIDON X. Im open to suggestions. There are probably 20+ bikes in this realm that I have looked at. Ive been surfing my whole life and like to support the small local shapers so It'd be nice to support the smaller bike makers if I can. I know most bikes are back ordered these days so it doesn't seem like the little guys are hurting I guess.

Id like to spend between 1k-2k. I know Id like disc brakes but cant decide between hydraulic or mech. Pretty sure I'd like a 2x setup.

I feel like anything I get will be a huge step up from my current rig. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to geeking out on here and asking a lot of stupid questions.


  • The one in stock.
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    I'd definitely prioritise hydraulic disc brakes over mechanical ones.

    Otherwise there's not really any bad bikes out there so if there's one in stock and budget that ticks most of your boxes then it should be good.