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Tektro hydraulic help!!

I am hoping someone may be able to help me, I have a whyte 801 with tektro hydraulic brakes, last summer after not having used for a while the brakes were squealing and just not as good as they used to be, I tried to clean down as best as could with brake cleaner and bled the system with fresh fluid however I feel this could have also been better,

So I have now bought new pads and have stripped the wheels off and throughly cleaned the discs to remove any possible contamination, I have removed all the old fluid and have bled through new, however before putting in the new pads I have noticed that the pistons on the calipers don't move equally, (one side more than other unless held back, they also seem a little stiff, can anyone advise how best to sort my current calipers and achieve a strong bleed


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    Search on Park Tool and YouTube for how to videos. There are loads but you need to find the right ones for your brakes.
    You can try and free up the pistons by over-extending them (gently squeeze the brake lever with no pads in the caliper, taking care not to pop them out of the seals) and then clean around the outside using a cotton bud. Again search the web for how-to videos.
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