Kickr Core

Hi All,
I moved from a Elite Novo Smart Trainer to a Kickr Core. I performed the spindown using the app and put the app in “pass” mode. I then closed the app and connected Zwift to the trainer. Producing less watts/kg (down roughly 0.5w) and experiencing a much harder ride resulting being much further back in races. Could this be just down the Core being more accurate? (App is up to date)
Thanks in advance


  • wongataa
    wongataa Posts: 1,001
    You are now using a different power measuring device. You will have to disregard any power numbers from your previous device. The Kickr is probably more accurate but even if it wasn't it is different. Just base everything off the power numbers you are seeing now.
  • alex222
    alex222 Posts: 598
    Very easy to get incorrect numbers from a wheel on trainer, so I'd work on the assumption the Kickr Core is your new normal.
  • bobmcstuff
    bobmcstuff Posts: 11,196
    Not sure about the Novo, but the Tuo (replacement I think?) was delayed almost a year on release due to accuracy issues...

    The Kickr Core seems to read close or slightly high if anything, from what I have seen.