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freehubs and spacers (again!)

moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
can i get advice on what spacers i need for my wheels please?
ive got 2 bikes with 11sp thru axles (Canyon Grail GRX and Cervelo C3 with Ultegra Di2)

ive got 3 sets of wheels, which i want to use with 11sp shimano 11-30 or 11-34T cassettes.
these are
* Mavic All road
* DT Swiss 1850C with DT Spline Hubs
* Carbon wheels on DT Swiss 350 hubs.

im strugglling with a loose cassette on the DT spline hub (that indicate a spacer is required (if so, what size) and difficulties with indexing gears when i swap wheels - if the spacers are correct, the indexing should work, but the indexing is seems to be a bit out, out but i guess can be adressed by the correct selection of spacers.

intuatively, the 2xDT Swiss wheels should need the same setup, and IIRC the Mavic wheel might be a bit left field as i seem to recall, mavic have a funny spacier requirements on freehubs.. am i corrct on this

Can anyone confirm whether spacers are necessary for any of these combinations?
and if so, what thickness of spacers are needed? (1.0mm?, 1.85mm, 2.0mm?)


  • i.bhamrai.bhamra Posts: 297
    11-34 will definitely need a spacer on the DT hubs (and probably the mavic too) not sure on the size but on the last 11-34 set-up on a DT hub (non-star ratchet type) I worked on a spacer was supplied with the wheels which worked. I don't think you'll need a spacer for the 11-30 on any of those hubs?
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    ^ ah... that might be the reason then - i didn't think there was any difference between the 11-30 and the 11-34 cassettes.... but if I think I did read somewhere else that a spacer was needed on an 11-34 cassette - so that might explain it....
    the next Question is what thickness ? I have 1mm, 1.85mm and 2mm spacers in my tool box...
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    they are both 11sp free hubs -
    I tried with a 1mm spacer on the 11-34 cassette and the gears were close, but not quite indexed with a wheel with the 11-30 with no spacer - so I swapped the 1mm spacer on the 11-34 cassette for a 1.85mm spacer and it seems to index ok with the 11-30 cassette with no spacer.

    I think this was. the source of my issue - I didn't appreciate the 11-34 cassette requires a spacer, where a 11-30 cassette does not. thanks
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