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I am a heavy guy at 20st and I just bought a Carrera Kraken, I am wondering is this seat that comes with the bike gonna cause me discomfort?

Any recommendations on replacement or a cover?

Thanks, anyother advice you can offer would be valuable to me too!


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,420
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    I would start by riding it to see. If it causes you discomfort than the next step is to establish your sit bone width. Place a piece of corrugated cardboard on a smooth hard surface and sit on it for a few seconds. When you get off you will see two circular depressions. draw circle around them and identify the centre of each circle. Measure the distance between, this is your sit bone width. Your saddle at its widest point should be 20-30mm wider than your sit bone width. If you go wider than that you may have difficulty letting the saddle pass between your thighs when going downhill or over rough terrain. Any narrower and your sit bones will not be taking the weight of your body, instead your gentleman's area will be taking the load and you don't want the perineal nerve to be compressed!

    Saddles come in a variety of widths (referring to the saddle width, not your sit bones width). If it doesn't say so in the advert, don't buy it.

    This website is helpful:

    They use a different method to establish sit bone width by looking at your wrist width. Check it with the cardboard.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
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    All bike saddles hurt when you first use them. Ride with it for a couple of weeks see how you get on.
    If after that you still hate it, follow Steve's advice ^^^.
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