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Another Newbie!

HI All,

Another one to add to the newbie list!

Just got myself a Carerra Vulcan (2020 model) and enjoying it so far. Clocked up over 25 miles in the first week.

If anyone has any tips on getting the best out of the bike please let me know. Also what tyres are best to go with when needed? Doing a mixture of offroad and also canal paths.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,432
    Welcome to the Forum. :)
    Bed in your brakes, do it now.
    Keep the chain clean and lubricated.
    Check over the bike on a regular basis.
    Don't let anything by: if the gears are skipping or the brakes feel soft, get it sorted!
    Use YouTube, especially the ParkTool videos to help you look after and maintain your bike.
    Enjoy your bike.
  • Thanks Steve, Ill get watching!
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