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Mega old mercier road bike

vaselinevaseline Posts: 46
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My father in law has a mega old mercier road bike. 60s or early 70s. He is getting to an age where the drops are a bit much for him and he wants some flats putting on it. He wants them to be a decent match for what he has, so old looking and alloy.

My question is, can anybody recommend anywhere where I could source such a thing?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,022
    Alu flat bars..? Can be had or ordered from almost any cycle shop, online or high street.

    Be mindful of clamp size, and that the existing drop bar levers may not be compatible.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 26,948 Lives Here
    Planet X have a good selection with clamp sizes listed. Many are 1" (25.4mm) but some are 26mm and there are others that are close but not quite the same.
  • vaselinevaseline Posts: 46
    Thanks I'll measure up
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