Another sizing query - Allez

I am looking at buying the above bike (Allez Elite) but am currently stuck on the size

I've just come from a TCR Advanced 1 in a Medium - with a 90mm stem, slightly higher rise and the spacers all under the stem to raise the front slightly.

I sat on a 54 Allez today and the feel was very similar to the TCR, maybe slightly more relaxed - which is what i want to be honest. I keep looking at the geo charts and cant help but think the 52 allez is the way forward as it has:

7mm less reach than my old bike (plus a 10mm less stem)

54 Allez model has 3mm less reach (but could get a 90mm stem)

stack on the 52 Allez is 552 compared to 545 on the TCR, the 54 Allez is 570

standover on the 54 Allez is 763 compared to 765 (TCR), the 52 Allez is 745 - on both my TCR and the 54 Allez, i could touch the floor but had to tip toe when in the saddle

Looking at all the above i cant help but think the 52 Allez is the better option (i am smack bang top end of 52 at 5' 7.5" or at the very bottom of a 54 allez)

Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas welcome - alas i cannot sit on a 52 as none local and i don't drive



  • I'd suggest having a look on
    They have a large database of geometries on there, select the bikes you want to compare and it will overlay them and tell you where all the differences are.
    Once you've done that go to to see what stem / spacers you need to replicate your position.
  • dimmock_g
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    Thanks for that, having looked at the overlay I'm even more convinced 52 is the way to go
  • dannbodge
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    Personally I'd go for the smaller (especially if you sit on the limit of it), then just change bits to make it fit
  • It’s easier to up size a smaller frame than downsize a bigger frame. If you’re in between sizes, the smaller one will generally end up giving a more responsive ride than the larger one, for a given set of bells and whistles.
  • Your Celeste Bianchi looks small?
  • Your Celeste Bianchi looks small?

    It isn’t. I’m between the 55 and 57, I’ve got the 55 for the reasons I mentioned above.
  • dimmock_g
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    i've gone for the 52 :)