Thorn in Tubeless Tyre

Picked up a big thorn today which when I removed the thorn sealed immediately with sealant. Should I patch the inside / stick a worm in or leave it to the sealant?


  • whyamihere
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    If it's properly sealed and holding air, leave it.
  • shortfall
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    As above, leave it alone unless it starts to leak in which case stick a worm in it. Using an internal patch is just making hard work of it and you risk not being able to easily reseat the tyre having stretched the bead getting it off and on again,even with an airshot or co2.
  • Thanks both, I'll reinflate to normal pressure and see what happens!!
  • I’ve never had a significant sized hole seal adequately on a tubeless tyre at decent enough pressure to not be dangerously low, on a road bike, using sealant alone. The max pressure I’ve had hold is about 40-50 psi, which is fine on a MTB, but not good on a roady with relatively low volume high pressure tyres. I’d stick a worm in, just for peace of mind, as you don’t want the tyre suddenly deflating in a bumpy corner ( for example ).
  • junglist_matty
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    ,you don’t want the tyre suddenly deflating in a bumpy corner ( for example ).

    I seriously doubt a hole from a thorn is anything to worry about, the sealant will form a latex plug in the hole (worm is just a rubber plug). Highly unlikely to reopen, and if it did it won't be a dangerous instant flat like a blow out.

    Keep your worms for when you really need them.

  • pilot_pete
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    Just stick a tube in it - jobs a good ‘in.

    Runs for cover..... :D
  • womack
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    I had a hole the sealant wouldn't seal, patched it on inside, been fine since.