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Giant Talon 1 vs VooDoo Bizango?

Complete newbie but want to try out mountain biking. Which of the 2 bikes would you recommend and why? Medium frame on Giant, 20" frame on voodoo, both 29 wheels.


  • lorcantlorcant Posts: 4
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    Before you decide on which bike, first decide the frame size that fits you best.

    Use your height and inseam measurements then check them against their respective sizing guides.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    The Bizango is a better buy - better forks, better tyres. It really depends on availability and whether or not you are swayed by the badge.
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  • lorcantlorcant Posts: 4
    Both models very scarce in my local stores. Reserved a VooDoo Bizango in a store 50km away, just waiting on the bike to work paperwork to clear before I pick it up. I haven't had an opportunity to sit in it. I'm 5'11,inside leg seam is about 31.5 inches or 80cm.... Is a 20" frame too big?
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