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Let me sum up the Welsh-English game without using words (except the thread title)


  • OK I lied, I used words.
  • Dorset_BoyDorset_Boy Posts: 5,904

    OK I lied, I used words.

    That photo coupled with Rees-Zammits expressions would have done the job without words!
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    The words are meaningless, it's the numbers in the bottom right hand corner that count :D
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    ... although the "someone stole my sweeties" facial expression also speaks volumes
  • I'm not sure the Welsh cheated more than the English.

    And if you take away the 14 points for the two tries that are making him cry...
  • Would Guinness and Dove Men+Care really turn that frown upside down?
  • pinnopinno Posts: 48,536
    edited February 2021
    Rugby is pretty censored so who gives a farq?

    No team can be at the top all the time, always.
    Why does it have to be a national disaster followed by grilling by the press and a national enquiry ffs?
    The expectations within sport and on the individuals have reached such a point, no one pulling on a national jersey and playing for their country can possibly think that what they are doing is in any way enjoyable.
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
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