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Kona Coiler 1x Hatchet job

Hey folks

I’m doing a refurb of an old Kona Coiler I have for a friends son to ride (very small budgets to play with)
and I’m thinking about whether to / how to do a 1x10/11 set up on it. It has a shimano Fh m475 hub so no problem there for at least 10 and getting a narrow wide chain ring won’t be an issue either although thinking of leaving the old middle ring (32t) on and just getting a chain guide or using the old mech.

the problem I have is the hanger doesn’t seem to want to fit the more modern spare shimano xt deraillleur I have. Hangers seem to be a bit of a weird science to me. Anyone got any ideas what I need? The old derailleur is an old deore lx circa 2004.

im toying with leaving the 9 speed cassette on but the biggest sprocket on the cassette is a 32 so would make climbing pretty impossible!


  • step83step83 Posts: 4,170
    Hanger should fit, seems a pretty normal design.

    Hub wise, an MTB 10/11 spd cassttee will fit that hub, road ones have a wider spacing for 11spd. If on a budget though go with 10spd.

    Something like a Shimano M4120 Long cage which is about £36 should fit, mate that to a Sram or Shimano cassette of your choice an a new chain for the added length.

    Being an MTB though you may get better advice in the MTB section
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
    edited February 2021
    As said, your more modern XT mech should fit.

    You could have issues if you're fitting a bigger/wide range cassette that massively exceeds the mech's max low sprocket capacity.

    Might help to see some more pics of the mech in place to get a better idea of the fitting issue?
  • Ok thanks folks and sorry I didn’t realise I was in road riding land. Thought it was generic workshop territory. I’m new here. Still figuring it out!

    I’m tryin to hunt down the derailleur bolt atm so when I do I’ll post a pic of the bad fit. Thanks though will try again.
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