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How to measure chain wear on an Eagle X0 chain...?

How to measure chain wear on an Eagle X0 chain...?

I have been reading that the normal way to measure chain wear on the Eagle 12s chains does not work with the drop in measuring calipers..

I have 2 chains that I rotate every 2000km on my Eagle X0 far so good...the cassette has 8000km and works perfectly...the chain in now making a noise so I assume 4000km is about right...but is there any way to measure it?

I use Squirt lube as do most of my riding buddies, which is friend on his Scalpel has done 13000km on his Eagle X0 cassette...3 chains so far...still going strong.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,126
    When I had an Eagle drivetrain I was doing 6x better than previously on 9&10 speed chains. I believe that the rollers are slightly larger diameter, which is why the drop-in gauges don't work. But the chain pitch is the same.

    I am not aware of a drop-in gauge for 12-speed chains, but I can't see why the same principle cannot be used. Maybe the various 12-speed chain makes are not consistent enough in their roller design. I haven't looked for one, maybe one does exist.

    You have two basic options:
    1). Measure the chain when new with a Vernier calliper gauge, then repeat the measurement at intervals and compare. Use the maximum capacity of the gauge.

    2). Remove the chain and stretch it out on a flat surface. Measure pin-to-pin over 100 links. A new chain will measure 50". A chain with1% wear (scrap) will measure 50.5". One that has wear at the traditional replacement point of 0.75% will measure 50.375" (ie 50-3/8"). To improve accuracy, get someone else to keep one of the inch marks central over a pin while you estimate the other end.
    You don't have to use 100 links, it just makes the sums easier.

    Method 2) is much more accurate than method 1) as it is not influenced by roller wear, or any barrelling of the roller. It also averages out any variation along the length of the chain (yes, that does happen!)
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 195
    The less faff method is

    Buy a new chain as your going to use it anyway

    Bang a nail into the garage doorframe.

    Hang new chain off nail.

    Hang old chain of same nail and eyeball difference.
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