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Hi everyone,

Not sure which category I should be posting this on but I thought I would give this one a try. Up until last month I hadn't been on a bike since I was a teenager (20 years..ish). I bought myself a Carrera subway 2 as it was relatively cheap and had good reviews online. I am currently doing about 15-25 miles every time I go out, with about 10-15% of that on gravel/tracks. I'm hoping to be able to do double that by the time summer is here and was just wondering wether I should invest in a gravel bike as I think it might suit my needs better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.



  • rick_chasey
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    Hi Mate,

    First question to ask yourself is how is your bike handling on the gravel and tracks? If it's OK then it's straight forward.

    If it isn't, tell us what the problem is and we can help. The easy answer is always to throw money at the problem, but sometimes that isn't really the right answer.