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Trainer cassette need changing?

drojmandrojman Posts: 2
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Hi folks,

Got an old Cannondale Sora 8 that is functioning as my trainer bike. Was second hand, is currently shifting well, and when putting power down I've not had any skipping, but I've noticed the chain is definitely in need of a change. I'm a complete novice at servicing though, and was wondering if my cassette is worn beyond use? I believe it's SRAM 12-26T. I thought the side facing the camera could be worn, but even in pictures of new cassettes of the same model it looks similar.

Thanks, and sorry for the poor pictures.


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    its a trainer only bike, just keep using it till it stops working. then replace chain and cassette. It may take years.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    edited February 2021
    As above if it’s shifting ok etc just use it, my turbo cassette is years old.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,799
    Might be worth getting a chain checker tool so you aren't just guessing when the chain needs replaced so if you do replace before it's too worn it will reduce the associated wear on the cassette and chainrings. I've a Park Tools one that does the job for me.
  • elbowlohelbowloh Posts: 7,078
    Doesn't look worn, but looks like it's a bit rusty in places. You can probably brush/clean that off and oil.

    If its shifting fine and there's no skipping, then no worries!
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  • Thanks for all the info all, I ended up putting on a new chain, and it skips in only the smallest cog when putting down power. I assume that's a sign of wear? It shifts fine, and it's not the kind of skip that's trying to change gear, if that makes sense? Once I've settled into a rhythm it doesn't seem to skip.
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