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From XC to trail or aggressive ht

So I've been riding my xc mtb for 10 years it's a cube ltd race with upgrades, it super light and super quick...

Now it's time for change...
I'm after a very trail friendly bike... probably a hardtail as I do hit some hard packed tracks and worry about sag on a FS.

I've been looking at
Orange crush
Nukeproof scout
Ragley mmmbop

Now I know the specs on these and they are all similar geo set ups..

My question is can aggressive hardtails be too aggressive?

I'm coming from an XC remember...

Are there better alternatives for an all rounder....

Budget I've been looking at 2nd hand about £1300

Any help and advice always appreciated

MY CUBE ... t=12785430

Cube ltd race 2011.....enjoying the grt outdoors no matter the weather (except snow I just can't move in the snow)!


  • mully79mully79 Posts: 904
    I don’t think a hard tail can be too aggressive geometry wise.
    Things like thicker casing tyres can start to suck the fun away if the terrain is unchallenging.
  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
    edited February 2021
    I agree with Mully, an aggro/aggressive hardtail's geometry will cope much better with rough terrain, give you stability at speed will be rewarding to ride.

    In comparison with the XC bikes your used to there will be the obvious weight penalty and general feeling of being a little bit sluggish on smoother terrain.

    Only when you start to look at hardtails at the All mountain, Enduro end of the scale would you maybe start to struggle on steep climbs for example.

    Going from XC to an aggresive Trail bike isn't a massive step that you won't get used to quickly. You'll really appreciate that long, low, slack aggro geometry along with longer travel forks which will definitely put a big smile on your face when the trails get rough. 🤟😃

    I've no other bikes or alternatives to recommend as, imo your top three are excellent choices and will fit the bill perfectly.
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