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Need to try to sell this as I apparently need a ton of dental treatment and this could cover some of the cost.

2018 Trek Domane SL5, heavily upgraded to the equivalent of, I think, an SL7. So full Ultegra r8020 Di2, bar end junction box, battery is installed in the downtube. EWWU111 fitted in the handlebar so Bluetooth ready. Direct mount rim brakes, I have koolstop salmon pads because I like them. 11/32 cassette. Wheels built by Harry Rowlands and the tyres are GP5000tl 25mm width. Handlebars are giant dfuse alloy so even more plushness at the front end. Pedals not included. I love this bike...

It’s been on the turbo for the last few months, it’s never been rained on.

Excellent condition, just a couple of small marks, one on the bottom bracket area and one on the non-drive side chainstay (both pictured). There’s also a little bit of wear marking on the crank spider.

This has been my pride and joy. I’m gutted to even think about selling it. So the asking price is £1600 and if it’s not worth that to anyone then the dental treatment can just go on a credit card! Getting a box for delivery may be problematic at the moment and buyer would have to pay for delivery expenses. I’d prefer insurance so factor that in. If you buy it and you want it sent, happy to do that but not at a loss. PayPal is fine, but split the fees.

Lots of photos at