Kickr Cassette Alignment

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Wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue. The alignment of the cassette on my kickr is about 1mm outward compared to my rear wheel, which requires quite a lot of barrel adjustment in order to shift properly on each. As you can see in the photos, the gap between the edge of the cassette and the edge of the axel is bigger on the wheel cassette than the Kickr.

Has anyone solved this issue? Is is as simple as finding the right sized washer to slip over the QR insert on the Kickr, to push the edge of the axel further out?


  • i.bhamra
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    You could try a freehub body/cassette spacer the type that allows you to use 10sp cassettes on 11sp freehub bodies (did your kickr come with one included?). Might be a bit too wide but might work and I guess you could google for a narrower one.

    Also it will be easier to get the shifting right with a small tweek to your high/low limit screws rather than messing with your cable tension. You might even find that the limits you set for the turbo work fine with your wheel back in place too?

    I almost always use my kickr in erg mode so no shifting required once you find which cog on the cassette allows the chain to run nicely.
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    Both my bikes are equiped with R7000 groupsets, the only very minor difference between the bikes is one is running an 11-28 cassette and the other an 11-30 cassette.

    My Kickr has the standard Sun Race 11 speed cassette (that came with it) installed (don't know what range or cogs it's got).

    Both bikes can go on the kickr without any derailleur adjustments, my guess is that your derailleur setup is slightly out. Here's a photo of the cassette on my kickr and the rear wheel of the bike that's currently locked onto the kickr, in case it helps you:

  • a.palmer
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    Sorted it with 1.5mm worth of shim washers on the Kickr QR insert - now it matches the end of axel-cassette distance on my wheel and shifting is pretty much spot on on both without any adjustment.