Selling dilemma!

Hey all.
During the last lockdown i started buying/selling and building bikes to keep me occupied. It helped me learn new skills while flipping parts/bikes and upgrading mine as i went along.

In the end I managed to make my '11 Cube LTD Pro fully XT inc hubs and built myself a 1x9 SLX/XT on a Genesis Core 26.4 frame. Both are on decent air forks too so any further upgrades to those would be the frame itself. While not a hige difference between the bikes i like the contrast between the drivetrain setups etc.

After summer i was back to work full time so there was only time for riding - indeed i gave away all of my spares id stripped from bikes/hadnt reused to my local cycle charity.

But we are now back in lockdown so ive been fettling again although decent bikes have been scarce and v.expensive. Last week however i came across a Merlin Malt 4. Full Deore, and a Tora coil fork. I remember these frames being quite sought after? After a good clean and service its running well.

But. Do I sell it? Head says yes heart says no! That said if i kept it id upgrade it but again it wont be hugely different from the two i already have!

Now a Stumpy HT Expert is in my sights. Looks in fantastic nick for its age '09 but again i have the same dilemma. The man maths are quickly running out of control!

What would you do? What out the 4 frames is 'best'? What would you have as your build? Im wondering whether its worth keeping one HT and finding a FS with the proceeds of the other two. But what should i keep?


  • Harry182
    Harry182 Posts: 1,169
    I reckon which is “best” comes down to your intended use and personal preference. If there's no clear favourite then advertise them all for sale at a price towards high end of what they're worth. Sell all you can but one. Use proceeds to buy a full sus.
  • Thanks for your reply. Will get the other bikes on sale at the weekend and see where i go from there 😀