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Dt Swiss Dicut

Does anyone own a pair of DT Swiss Dicut wheels? I'm looking into upgrading my wheels but don't want carbon as the roads round me in Ireland are pretty censored so was told a good €500 set of alloy wheels would suit me.

I'm interested in the Dicut wheels with their alleged better braking surface on the rim brake wheels. Haven't had a crash with the group I go out with but if I can get a better braking surface I would as more of the lads have disc brakes but I'm not bothered to change my bike (cos my wife won't let me).

I do use my CX bike with disc brakes for winter but won't be upgrading my Izalco Max Zero as its 4 years old and way too good still to consider changing. I got the frame after a crash and used the Ultegra groupset and other bits from the original bike so never got a real decent set of wheels to bring it up to proper spec.


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    I’ve a pair of dicut wheels, braking is fine.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 5,490
    They brake like any other alloy rims. You pull the levers you slow down.
  • prcodyprcody Posts: 67
    @rafletcher would the braking be any better than a pair of Fulcrum 3s or Campag Zondas? No point in spending €150 more for the same product.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 5,490
    Most alloy rims brake very similar. I have a pair dicut wheels, some Miche and some Mavic and I have had Fulcrums in the past. Any difference in braking will most likely be your brakes.
  • Dicut used to have double treaded spokes, so nipples at the hub and in the rim, which were a pain in the xxxx to source... I don't know whether this is still the case or they have just retained the name, but if it is, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole
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  • prcodyprcody Posts: 67
    It'll be a regular set of alloy wheels for me so if there is no difference in braking performance.
  • I got a pair of DT Swiss PR 1600 Spline (23mm), they are more than lightweight enough for me (~1.6kg) and cost £370 for the pair; Merlin have the 32mm version in stock:
  • prcodyprcody Posts: 67
    @junglist_matty I have been looking at DT Swiss wheels along those lines. I'm in Ireland and used to use Merlin a lot but now with Brexit and getting anything delivered its put me off buying anything from the UK. Its nothing against suppliers there but the customs charges and issues with couriers has made me look to mainland Europe more for wheels and anything else I would buy.
  • The dicut doesn’t refer to the braking surface. Dicut is the spoke hole offset layout. I think you mean the oxide coating which is supposed to be a harder ceramic coating on the braking surface.
  • prcodyprcody Posts: 67
    Yeah I thought Dicut related to the braking surface. From what people have said theres not much of an improvement in braking performance for the extra money. I dont think the better wearing brake surface will really matter as I will only really get 6 months use out of the wheels each year as I use my CX bike for winter.
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