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Tubeless tyre newbie !

I have just purchased a new bike that has Vittoria Trail TechG+ Tubeless Ready Folding Tyre/38mm on Fulcrum Racing 900 Disc 700c Centrelock Wheelset Front 12mm wheels. I want to run it Tubeless but do not have a clue what I need. What Valve and seal do I need to buy and what sealant do I use to get it running. I have seen loads of YouTube videos but its the valve ? what size etc. Any help would be great, also is it honestly worth it compared to running Tubes on a gravel bike ?


  • brundonbianchibrundonbianchi Posts: 689
    edited February 2021
    48mm tubeless valves will be fine. I’d recommend using Stans Race sealant ( the one with the red cap on the bottle , not the one with the black cap ). If the tyres are already running as tubeless, there’s not much more you need to do, but if not, you may need some decent tubeless rim tape to seal off any leak points. Again, Stans do a good tubeless rim tape, just make sure you measure the inner diameter of the rims and get the right size ( 19mm I think ) I’d also get a tubeless repair kit like this.

    It’s the best value for money one I’ve used. 700x38 should work well as tubeless. Seating the tyres is always fun originally. I’ve used CO2 inflators in the past, but recently bought one of these.

    Again, just about the best VFM I’ve found. Tubeless tyres can be a bit tougher to get over the rims than standard clinchers, but using a hair dryer on the tyre to soften it up can help.

  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Re valve. Make sure it’s long enough that you can get your favoured pump head on it. That’s about it. Sealant; avoid Finish Line at all costs. Most anything else is fine. I use Caffelatex. There are some thicker ones meant for motorcycle tyres that are cheaper than cycling specific stuff. Pretty simple really. I assume your rims are already taped for tubeless?
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    edited February 2021

    Here’s a chart I was given before I used tubeless tyres, if you work to it you will not to far wrong
    Hope it helps
  • Many thanks for the advice I’ll get bits ordered and give it a go.
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