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Advice please : Charge grafter 3

goofyfoot3904goofyfoot3904 Posts: 5
edited February 2021 in Commuting general
I was commuting on a Felt65x for several years, but old age and back issues looks like I’m venturing into the world of a flat bar hybrid.
I want something simple to maintain ( 1x 10 etc ) and with hydraulic brakes . There is a Charge grafter (2016)on FB market place going for £360 . Heard of Charge but never seen one or known anyone who has ridden one. Take into account it’s a rural commute and the roads generally covered in censored and hilly .Will the Alfine 8 speed give enough gear range ?
Go with the Charge or look at something like a Boardman hybrid ? Budget is £400 . Have looked at trying to covert the Felt but new group set, brakes and bars are working out to be more expensive
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