When to replace chain rings

Just worn or worn to the point of needing to be replaced? How do I know....?


  • That doesn’t look too worn to me. I change rings when they start causing chain issues ( dropping and shifting ) whilst riding. I find a good measure as to when a ring will start causing issues is to gently tap my finger on each tooth in turn, if more than 2/3rd s of them make me say “ooooooh that’s a bit sharp” I replace the rings.
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    Are you getting any chain slipping?
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    don't look worn

    once the teeth get a 'shark tooth' profile, then it's time to change

    if you're changing chains before they wear enough to damage the cassette, you'll be changing cassettes a few times before you need to change the chainrings
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  • If it says FSA on the side it needs replacing.
  • Thanks for all the replies. I am getting what feels like chain slip - accompanied by a loud clunk when under reasonable load (standing on a small incline, or when on a reasonable climb and trying to maintain speed) The cassette and chain appear good. So I figured it’s either the Chainring, or the only other think I can think is the freewheel (pawls) failing....

    Wanted to seek opinions on chainring wear as freewheel failure seems more typically to be freewheel in all directions, not slipping....

    Although thinking about it I guess it could be The freewheel temporarily failing into free wheel in the forward direction... not sure if there’s a test I can do for that in the garage.

    Not so keen on doing a test on the road and getting thrown off!
  • This sounds like a freehub problem. Try a different rear wheel? Or put yours in someone else's bike?