Stupid question about Castelli clothing tags!

Ive bought some Castelli bibs recently and both pairs arrived (seperatley) with the Castelli tag in the bag and in tact but not affixed to the bibs so its not like the tags have been cut with scissors etc. Is this normal with Castelli Bibs? I want to make sure Ive not got a return. I have a new jersey and the tags are fixed to the garment through the zip.

Sorry if im sounding stupid!


  • orraloon
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    Reputable supplier?
  • daniel_b
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    Mine have always been attached, but iirc, Castelli ones have a small safety pin as opposed to something that has to be cut?
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    PBK so yes
  • itboffin
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    no thats not normal
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    Have a good sniff at the crotch.....?


    But in all seriousness, I guess you are wondering if they are returns and you may not be the first purchaser? That's just how online buying works. Returns have to go back into stock and be sold again. If they are the pristine but with tags no longer attached just accept them.
  • rafletcher
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    Sometimes it's up to a retailer to attach the tags, and if they're never going to be displayed in a shop, why bother? I've had similar with gloves and shoes.
  • bmxboy10
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    Found a red safety pin on the floor today......🤣