Thoughts on Kinetic- one wheels

Hi everyone .

I do apologise for another whee subject big way s wondering what’s people’s thoughts are on Kinetic-One wheels and if anyone has some?

They look quite nice but also been advised to look Scribe wheels too, not to mention the other companies I have read on the last two posts.

The Kentic ones look good value but struggling to find any reviews and not really any mention on this forum either .

Fancy a pair of these but unsure if they bobbins or better looking at something else (don’t want carbon )?

Oh forgot to add got mavic askiums at the mo (disc brakes)

Cheers everyone and hope you are all safe and well x


  • A 42mm alloy rim? Their quoted system weight is quite porky, but I'd question just how accurate that would be on a real-world set of scales. I wouldn't be surprised if they're heavier than that. They may also be bone-jarringly uncomfortable, dunno....
  • matt71
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    So you think they are rubbish then and look someplace else ?
  • If you don't want carbon then I'd stick with a shallow alloy rim.
    Why are you against the idea of carbon? Disc brakes means there isn't the issue with braking you have with rim brake carbon wheels.

    Deep alloy rims are heavy and uncomfortable, also the ones you're looking at are narrow so the alleged aero benefits would only really be effective if you use a 23mm tyre.

  • matt71
    matt71 Posts: 27
    Cheers guys . Not sure about carbon and how durable they will be for me .

    I did not know about the fact that deep alloy rims will be uncomfortable so will go back to the drawing board.

    Thanks for all your help :)
  • Aluminium by nature is quite a harsh material, so I only say "may be", uncomfortable but it depends on a lot of other variables tbh. Part of the reason deep section carbon rims came about is because alu rim height can only get so "deep", before it becomes too heavy and/ or uncomfortable.

    They're not "deep", but take a look at:

    Several hundred grams lighter than the Kinetics, stiff (in the right sense), quality spokes and a nice ratched hub. £100 less than the Kinetics, great reviews and good support. Nice width, tubeless ready and you can upgrade to a funky green hub if you want!

    I don't have anything to do with Scribe btw, but I've just ordered a pair for one of my bikes and they kind of fit your bill.....other than not being deep. Nothing against deep section carbon wheels- got several pairs, but I think the middleground you're looking at is not the best choice.