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Want to sell my Bianchi via Nirone (2012)

chorltonnickchorltonnick Posts: 19
edited January 2021 in Road buying advice
[Edit] Sorry, posted in wrong forum. Can someone delete please?

My Bianchi via Nirone has been sitting unused in my shed for the last few years. Bought in 2012 and ridden fairly regularly until 2015 but, to be honest, probably fewer than 100km since. Basic (Campagnolo) components that came with the bike, no upgrades. Never been in an accident. I think it was about £850 new.

What I'd like to know is what sort of price I could expect to fetch for it now. I'm not expecting much but I'm wondering if:

A) It's worth getting it fully serviced and then selling (and if so, a ballpark figure)


B) I should just sell "as is" (and what sort of price I might expect)

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