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look keo 2 max collar

chatlowchatlow Posts: 843
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hi all

question about the keo pedals I have bought off someone. There was some lateral spindle movement on both pedals, so when I loosened the collar to check - it clicked - and now when hand tight the movement has gone and seems very smooth

One problem though, I'm reading it should be tightened to 4nm. One side can be, although the spindle doesn't feel as free at that level, but on the other side - the collar gets to about 2nm then goes loose and looks like the thread has gone.

Is approx 2nm okay for these or is 4nm best and I need a new collar / thread / pedal?!



  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,077
    When I have taken mine apart to grease the bearings, the only tool I have that fits on the collar is a pair of mole grips. When tightening it back I just do it by guess work. They haven’t come undone.
  • chatlowchatlow Posts: 843
    cheers. Also noticed the spindle isnt as free when you tighten it down a lot. 4-5nm seems too much, so will ignore and just nip it up so its tight but freely moving still
  • chatlowchatlow Posts: 843
    on this - does anyone know if the black locking collar can be removed from the spindle? 1. I may buy titanium spindles of ebay that dont seem to come with them and 2. If I need to tighten further (due to slight play) then I have a set of old keo classics and could use the collar of one of those if they are removeable

  • Look pedals are without doubt the biggest pile of junk in the junky pedal world of junkiness. I've recently come off Speedplay, as I wanted pedal-based power meter (Assioma), but figured I'd fit some other pedals to my winter bike that took the same cleat. Used Shimano SPD-R's lots previous to the SP's, and the SP's were brilliant. These Keo2 MAX are utter junk in every aspect- bearings, serviceability....those little junk collars you speak of.
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