easton ea70 or campy scirocco

hey . im in a bundle .. have 2 wheelsets . the easton ea70 which is older more worn but the only fault i can see is the worn braking surface
the scirocco c17 are basicly new they have a much wider and deeper profile ;they say
35mm aerodynamic profile rim, Aerodynamic spokes with exclusive Mega-G3™

why the dillema you might ask . simple . the eastons are way lighter ; i saw it advertised as 1700g while campy at 1750g . but my crude weighing puts the eastons at roughly 260g (on kitchen scale)- 460 g (on a hook scale) lighter than the campys ; nevermind necessarily what i weighed they just feel considerably lighter
again on a crude kitchen scale/and hook scale the front wheel seems to be about 150-200g lighter in favor of easton . 100 g for the back wheel ; could this massive difference be accounted for by wear?
ultimately what would you choose ? the new (under 200 miles i think)campy scirocco which are def heavier or the older lighter eastons ?