Hope mini mono problems

Hi all, I have decided to pull out an old bike that is fitted with Hope mini mono brakes.

Looks like there are not working so I started to strip them down. After disconnecting the hose, I’ve found that both front and back are pushing but then sucking back. This means I can’t send fluid down the hose. I have completed stripped them down and all seams well. You can see the pistons moving through both two top holes. I tried everything.

Put them to one side for now but has anyone ever experienced them sucking back and not pushing.




  • So just to add to this post. I have removed the hose and as I pull the leaver in, no fluid is forced out, only air is although the res is full.

    As I let go of the leaver, my finger is sucked onto it.

    Both leavers are now doing this.
  • me-109
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    Likely failure of the master cylinder seals then.
  • The seals did seam ok and functioning as there should but could be wroth just replacing them both. Only £14 for a re-build kit.

    Just found in strange as one was working ok but know I have the same exact problem on both.
  • I did call Hope and their said that I may of placed the small brass washers the wrong side. So I turned them over and still the same