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135mm wheel into 130mm dropouts. Will it work?

topsey_turveytopsey_turvey Posts: 420
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I have a bike with 130mm dropouts. I want to fit a wheel but the only suitable one I can find has 135mm spacing. Are there likely to be any problems? I'm buliding a bike for the turbo and it is unlikely to go on the raod - especially as it won't have any brakes!!!
Frank Yates


  • topsey_turveytopsey_turvey Posts: 420
    edited January 2021

    Frank Yates
  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 9,412
    Should be okay. I've don't this in the past with an ancient steel frame.

    If you are lucky you may find a spacer in the hub to remove and claw back a mm or so.
  • I bought some Mavic Carbon hoops for my Hybrid, last year. They are designed to fit anything from 135mm to super boost, using magnetically attached spacers / adaptors. If I was using the rear without a brake, I found I could squeeze the wheel into the 135mm drop outs with the boost spacers in place. I reckon you should be okay squeezing a 135mm into 130s if you’re only using it on a turbo with no brake, especially if it’s a metal frame.
  • Thanks. It's only 5mm and the frame should have that much give.
    Frank Yates
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 9,808
    Metal frame: use your guns pull it open, pop wheel in, will work fine.
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