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Vacuum Cleaner - Shark APEX UpLight Review

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The Shark Apex Uplight Corded Lift Away is a noteworthy vacuum from Shark, a famous brand recognized for its outstanding upright versions.

This type has great suction power, similar to that of an upright vacuum cleaner, while maintaining the mobility and many other advantages of a small machine. Is it truly capable of delivering its promise? In this review, we'll discover whether it is so or not.

Significant Value From Shark Apex Uplight Lift-Away Duoclean

Now, let's analyze this vacuum a little more closely. What specific factors contribute to this vacuum's widespread popularity?

Powerful Suction

The majority of previous customer evaluations emphasized this vacuum's unexpectedly powerful suction. The suction power of a vacuum is determined by two factors: the airflow and the suction capacity.

The suction ability comes first. A 700-watt motor powers the Shark APEX UpLight wired Lift Away. It's capable of generating more suction power to remove anything you've got in mind.

However, for pet urine, the Shark APEX UpLight can't get rid completely of this smell. so, how to remove urine smell from carpet - how to get urine smell out of carpet? Besides using a vacuum, pet owners should use extra remedies such as baking soda or cleaner substances to remove this annoying odor completely.

In comparison to many other corded ones, the motor is a touch weak. Nonetheless, given that Shark has been trying to create a stick vacuum that was as compact and as small as possible, the decreased motor is acceptable.

Aside from the motor, the airflow is the second. Perhaps more significantly, it is an element that influences suction performance. The airflow will be diminished as it goes through this vacuum if the route isn't adjusted.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has included a design dubbed "HyperVelocity Suction" in the Shark APEX UpLight. The airflow has been optimized to minimize suction loss as much as feasible.

The vacuum's suction performance is outstanding thanks to theHyperVelocity motor. This suction power is especially helpful for cleaning hard surfaces and bare floors.


There are three filters on the Uplight: Two pre-motor filters and one post-motor filter. By removing the dust canister, you can easily reach the pre-motor filters. A sponge filter and a felt filter are also provided.

When both are dirty, they may be rinsed with water. They may be put back in the vacuum after they are fully dry (after around 24 hours). During our testing, we noticed that the sponge pre-motor filter became clogged rather fast. As a result, it seems that you will have to clean it often.

A HEPA filter lies immediately below the dust canister after the post motor filter. It's also simple to get there. When the HEPA filter gets clogged, it may be rinsed with water, although it does not need to be cleaned very frequently.


When Shark boasts about its innovations again and over, it's time to dive in and see what all the buzz is about. For example, Zero-M technology is said to be capable of efficiently removing pet hair. But, in practice, how does it work?

The unique brushroll that prevents human and pet hair from wrapping around it. This is the primary mechanism in this underlying technique. Even while the brushroll is spinning, there is a comb-like component that removes the hair. The hair will then travel to the canister with the airflow.

Lift-Away Pod

Today's Shark vacuums have a Lift-Away pod. If you're not familiar with the term, it is the vacuum's core. It houses the vacuum cleaner's motor, dust cup, filtration, and other necessary components.

The unique feature of this part is that it can be detached.

You may change the UpLight from a stick vacuum to a canister vacuum simply by pushing a button. Simply connect a suction hose to the pod.

To put it another way, you have a three-in-one vacuum. As required, the Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum  may be used as a canister machine, handheld vacuum, or a stick one. The main reason the UpLight vacuum garners so much momentum on the sales chart is because of its flexibility.

The Lift-Away pod weighs approximately five pounds when removed from the main stick vacuum frame. Because of the vacuum's increased mobility, it can now be used to do additional tasks that were previously impossible or very inconvenient.

Cleaning a car, for example, has never been simpler. Cleaning the ceiling or the stairwell is also a lot easier.

The UpLight's Lift-Away pod is tiny and portable enough that you may use it as a handheld vacuum by attaching a dusting brush to it.

DuoClean Technology-Self-Cleaning

The DuoClean brushrolls are one of the most distinguishing features of the Shark APEX UpLight. Most vacuums on the market only have one brushroll in the floorhead. In contrast, A stiff-bristle brushroll for cleaning carpets and a soft-bristle brushroll for washing bare floors are both included inside the UpLight's floorhead. They can scrub away at tough dirt and grime on a variety of surfaces when working together.

The floorhead features a unique "Self-Cleaning'' design in addition to two brushrolls. If you own a pet, the brushrolls will not get tangled in pet hair. Hair clumps are also simpler to remove out of the bristles of the UpLight's brushrolls.

The shark apex uplight duoclean is ideal for cleaning bare flooring. It readily removes any kind of material, such as hair, rice, or cereal, off this surface. It's quite well-built and easy to maneuver. It's okay to maintain since there are so many components to look after, yet there aren't any ongoing expenses.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

As the Lift-Away pod, this is another Shark patented invention. Shark calls the vacuum's sealed structure Anti-Allergen Complete Seal.

This means the Shark APEX UpLight's body is fully sealed from the atmosphere. The front nozzle or the rear vent are the only ways for debris to enter or exit the vacuum. This also implies that any dust particles that travel through the vacuum's filtration system will be taken out.

Nothing can pass through the gaps or fissures in the vacuum's body. For allergy sufferers, this is fantastic news.

Pros & Cons

The following advantages and disadvantages are based on owner feedback and our own experience with the shark apex uplight.


  • Strong suction
  • Operates well on both carpet and bare surface
  • Compact
  • A lift-away function for increased portability
  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Can stand on its own
  • Longer power cord
  • Converts to a portable device
  • Headlights
  • HEPA Filtration and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal
  • A great price


  • Limited dust canister
  • Inability to adjust suction power
  • Heavy top
  • No provision for turning off the brush rolls


It doesn’t matter what type of surface you own, regardless of if you have a pet or not. The value that the Shark Uplight Apex provides for the price is simply unmatched.

I hope you liked my in-depth review of this vacuum cleaner and that you found all of the information you were looking for. Better still, if you're weary of hefty upright versions and want a machine that's lighter and has a variety of helpful features, this is our suggestion.


  • Just look at pictures on line (or post a pic here). It will be very obvious as the medium cage (Wifli) has a significantly longer cage with an inch or so more distance between the jockey wheels than the short cage has.
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