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Integrated seatpost clamp

I seem to have screwed up my seatpost clamp, too much torque I guess so the top bit is threaded.
With 2 months of shipments from China to UK getting lost or cancelled, finding a replacement is a lost cause.

Any suggestions of any possible ways of getting this to work?

Thanks in advance!


  • david37david37 Posts: 1,313
    Can you not get one off a dealer? What is the frame?

    Failing that, can you not tidy up or replace the damaged threads? Try running a tap through and if theres not enough material left how about a helicoil type solution,

    It will take you a bit of time but that aside should be cheap enough.
  • kamil.kkamil.k Posts: 10
    It's a Costello speemachine frame from aliexpress, it's possible to get a replacement, but as I said have been trying for 2 months and parcel keeps getting lost or shipment cancelled.

    helicoil type solution - that might be an option actually
  • I assume this is the bottom piece with a u/s thread?


    I can't see how much room there is from the picture, but how about drilling out the bottom piece (not too deep) to take a standard nut. So that the nut sits within the drilled space?
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