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PRO PLT Ergo Bars

Anyone using them and if so can you give some feedback on the comfort? I’m looking for some cheapish alloy bars with short reach and ergo tops. These look pretty good but there are not many decent images on the web. Cheers.


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,367
    I have some on the shelf with matching stem. Like all bars it depends on the rider whether they are any good. I swapped them out for some shorter reach bars, I think, or maybe swapped them out from a bike I was selling in preference to the Ritchie setup I reinstalled. The plan was to keep them so I must have liked them. I think I liked the previous Deda Newton setup more though.

    Currently using an Oval setup which has a bit of backsweep and ovalised tops, but the 'horns' of the drops are quite short and rule out that position really. Dont remember that with other bars.
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