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MTB Front Mudguard

I wish to buy a front MTB mudguard for my 26" wheel, suspension forks and 35mm tyre. I can't find any that seem any good at keeping feet dry as they all look quite short. Are there any on the market that do this, or are MTB mudguards meant only keep the forks from getting filthy? Thanks


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,670
    You can something like these, there are some slightly longer ones available as well. Prefer tyrap type fixing as I've had the type that fit to the underneath of the steerer / shock and had them fail. Several different ones, googles your friend.
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  • fortyonefortyone Posts: 163
    Many thanks - I think the Mudhugger is a bit too short: the Zefal Classic looks possible but it appears suitable if I can use a bolt for the front one, and, unfortunately, I don't have any hole on my bike to pass any bolt through. I saw the Topeak DeFender XC1, and I might try this and put a piece on the bottom to extend it a bit. Also, might put a piece in the middle so there's no gap between the two parts.
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