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full suspension FSR XC EXPERT 2010 model." X fusion shock

Wonder if anyone can help on this, my centre shock has broken and neither I or my local shop can find a replacement.
It came with an x fusion Myka expert 7.5x1.5 190 stroke length.
These are no longer available anywhere.
There is a comparison on sale from x fusion sold by decathlon but I ordered the shock but the eyes either end are much smaller and don’t fit.
Has anyone else come across this issue or can give me some advice ? The bike even old is mint condition surly there is a way out of this


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,077
    Is there a typo in your shock size description?
    I get the 7.5" x 1.5", ie eye to eye 7.5" and the stroke at 1.5"

    But what does 190 stroke length mean?

    What are the diameters of the bolts that go through the shock and screw into the frame? (upper and lower).
    What is the width of the shock mounting lugs? (upper and lower).

    7.5" = 190.5mm
    1.5" = 38.1mm

    So you could go for a shock in metric measurements, 190 is certainly a common eye to eye dimension. Not sure about 38, but I haven't looked. Going above 38.1mm will give you more rear travel, but you might get the frame colliding at the end of travel.

    PS: When you say "broken" do you mean it just doesn't work anymore? Have you tried getting it fixed at one of the many suspension servicing places in the UK? It may be considerably cheaper than buying a new one.
  • swanny24swanny24 Posts: 12
    Thanks for your reply Steve and if I’m honest I don’t know 🤔 if you look at the picture above of the shock that I should have to buy as a replacement that’s says no longer produced would have been a straight replacement.
    As it shows I’m a novice bought the bike 10 years ago had no issues with it until now just needs a new shock.
    However it does not work anymore so where should I be asking for service places for it ?
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 131
    The shock you need is 190 x38 mm. That is a really odd old size.

    What size eyelets are on the old shock ?

    You can easily get custom bushes to suit your old mounting hardware but you need to start off with eyelets that are big enough.
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 131
    Back to basics.
    What is broke about the shock ?
    Does it have the correct air pressure ?
    Does it compress ?
    Does the lockout lever move ?
    Does it extend ?
    Is there something wrong with the linkage itself ie seized ?
  • swanny24swanny24 Posts: 12
    It will not keep pressure at all
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,077
    I would send it for a service. It will cost about £100 plus any postage to get it there, return postage is free. That is substantially cheaper than buying a new shock.

    There are many companies that do this service and while there will be small differences in the charges, the main difference is the response time. They will all tell you that they will turn it around within 3 days. But they usually mean from when it gets onto their bench. Ask how long before it gets onto their bench. When I last had a shock serviced in early Nov'20, the delay was 6 weeks because they were so busy! Every company I contacted had the same problem, - unprecedentedly busy, even for the time of year.

    Here is one service company that I have used before because they were always friendly and helpful.

    As you will see , they do many different makes of suspension. If you don't see your make, then ring them up and ask. They are very friendly and helpful. Don't say "its broken" just say that it doesn't hold pressure.

    If you have never had it serviced it during the ten years you have owned it, then it may indeed be a write off, but I doubt it.
  • mully79mully79 Posts: 131
    First see if you can tighten the shock can up by hand. It may just be loose. ie grab it and twist. it shouldnt turn.

    Second fit the pump, pump it up and see where the air leaks from by spraying it with a soapy solution. If its not leaking with the pump attached it my just be a valve core.
    Bummer paying £100 for a service to find it was a 50p valve core.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,077
    edited 14 January
    Very sound advice from mully79

    But if it has never been serviced it's well overdue for some TLC.
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