Help finding an XL/21"/22" frame MTB within budget!

Hi all - I recently got my cycle2work voucher, and the value is £700. I have a couple of questions....

- Can you purchase a bike more expensive than your voucher and then top up with your own cash to pay the difference?

- Can anybody recommend a currently-in-stock MTB for taller people? I am having a devil of a time. I wanted a Voodoo Bantu or Bizango in 22" frame or a Vitus Nucleus VR but can't find anything near me (Edinburgh) that is for a 6ft4 gent. I am assuming I need that size frame or an XL/XXL in old money?

Any and all recommendations / help is appreciated!


  • JBA
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    Can't help with bike availability, sorry. You'll just have to keep searching and hope to strike it lucky. Supply is very limited at the moment.

    With regards to your voucher you cannot 'top up' with your own cash as it is not you buying the bike. Your employer is buying it and you are effectively leasing it from him for the agreed time period before you take ownership.
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  • reaperactual
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    Not sure about the ins and outs of C2W scheme or if it's going to be accepted by Wiggle? Don't know whether it's actually what your looking for?

    They have 1 of these in XL size left in stock to suit 6'3"-6'7" for £550:-

  • mully79
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    It depends on your cycle scheme provider/ work policy and or cycle retailer. I topped up my voucher many years back but that was "cyclescheme."
    Its worth asking the scheme provider.

    I know it is possible on another scheme to give money to your employer so that they can add it to the voucher but it is complicated hence ask the scheme provider first.
  • rwoofer
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    I'm 6'6" and have a 22" Bizango which is great. So great I've just done a major set of upgrades includes SLX groupset including XT BB with SLX cranks, DT Swiss Wheels, dropper post and Hope Headset. The point is all bikes are difficult to find right now, but if you can find a second hand frame ideally or bike you can use the C2W voucher to buy all the parts to update the frame, which will be in much better condition that then components on it, which while good for the price, don't really stand up to lots of use (except the forks).
  • Thanks all!