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Advice needed on pedals/cleats/shoes/

k.pedrickk.pedrick Posts: 2
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Hi, hoping someone can help with this.

I used to do spin classes years ago and have a pair of Shimanos that are still in good condition.

I recently purchased an indoor bike for my home gym but the pedals that came are just standard pedals. I want to be able to use my cleats and shoes to make the most out of them and the bike, but my partner will also occasionally use the bike with standard gym trainer so will need the standard pedal and toe cage. Basically, I need the same set up as any commercial gym has for their spin bikes so that we can use either side.

I've been doing my research but could do with some reassurance that I am on the right track.

My shoes are Shimano Women's WR62 SPD-SL Road Cycling Shoe with SPD MTB Cleats Standard Release SH51.

I've been looking at the Shimano M324 Combination Pedals.

Can anyone confirm that, 1 these pedals are compatible with the shoes/cleats I already have, and that 2, i will be able to attached the standard toe cage that came with the bikes pedals to these for my partner to use?

Many thanks in advance.


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