Help needed! Finding the right size.

Hi guys,

So I'm new to mountain biking and looking to get my first bike. I'll be getting the Vitus Sentier 27 whenever it comes back into stock, but unsure what size would be best for me.

Unfortunately, with the pandemic it's proving to be very hard to go to a shop and maybe try something there, and the size guide on the website is a little confusing, so if anyone could give their opinion on this that would be great.

I'm just under 5'11, which the guide recommends for a large frame (only just), but my inside leg is 31'', recommended for a medium frame. As I'm going for the 27.5 tyres, I'm thinking maybe a mix of those tyres and a large frame might be right for me? But just looking for a more experienced opinion.

I realise a lot of it is down to personal preference and style, but as I really don't have much hands on knowledge I thought I'd come here for some extra help. Thanks!


  • When you say 31" inside leg, do you mean you would buy trousers with 31", or do you mean 31" cycling inseam measured using a thick book as per ?

    I buy 30" trousers, my cycling inseam is ~32" and I'm 5'10". I'd buy the medium Vitus, my Voodoo Marasa is the 18". It's a bit upright but it's OK, I might swap the stem for something a bit longer.
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    I'm 5'10". 30" trousers, 32" inseam too. In the middle of the overlap for a medium and large on my hardail's recommended size guide.

    I went with a 17" medium frame with 27.5 wheels.

    Happy with the fit after I slid my saddle back from centre about an inch. Nothing scientific but it feels right to me.

    My Buddy is 5'9" on a large 27.5 Vitus Sentier so reckon you could choose either size and do small saddle tweaks one way or the other until it feels right.