Tacx Vortex badly under-reading!

I took my bike off of my Tacx Vortex the other day for a proper rider and now I've put it on it is massively under reading power. It's so bad that I now have to do a full out sprint just to reach my FTP.

I've checked tyre pressures and it's all ok. I've used the Tacx app to calibrate and it says it is set up perfectly. Turned the trainer off and on again. No idea what else to check? Very frustrating and makes it impossible to train on.


  • gethinceri
    gethinceri Posts: 1,552
    Warm up on it before you calibrate it.
  • navrig2
    navrig2 Posts: 1,851
    If that doesn't work factory reset and re-calibrate. You'll have to re-do the BT/ANT+ connections again tho'.