Trek Emonda Internal cable noise?

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Ive recently bought a 2021 Emonda SLR7. Ive recently discovered the following noise coming from the headset area when turning the bars from side to side. Im told its internal cable rattle.
The bike hasn't yet been ridden outside and is stored indoors.
1. Is it internal cable noise?
2. Can it, should it be repaired, does it need to be?
Thanks all, happy new year and safe cycling.


  • david37
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    thats your brake hose, (prob front) . It can be fiddled with to stop the noise but you can ride it as is. since the bike is new and very very expensive take it to the shop and ask them to fiddle with it to get rid of the clack. From experience it can take several goes to get the right amount of slack/ position, each involving messing around with stems etc to get it silent.

    A proper pain. Don't be fobbed off or the bike will annoy you for ever. Since its new you shouldnt have to pay for that.
  • Thanks David.
  • rafletcher
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    TBH you will never turn the bars to that extent when out riding, and I don’t personally think you’ll get much change out of the bike shop if you ask them to fix it - if they felt obliged to do so they’d have offered when you asked about it first time. Internal routing looks great, but often on carbon frames there are noises as a result, in particular from rear cables/hoses bouncing around inside the top tube on a less than perfect surface. Give a few rides and see if it irritates or settles down.
  • Haven't asked the lbs about this previously...sent them an email today about it. Am waiting for a call back after they've shown their mechanic Monday. I agree that the bars wont get turned that much when riding but in the main i was looking for confirmation it was cable rattle and nothing more serious.
    Thanks for your reply.
  • david37
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    Dont put up with a £10,000 thats just the way it is.

    Because it isnt.