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When is the Ineos/ sky tour documentary coming out?

redvisionredvision Posts: 2,832
Been waiting (impatiently) for the sky documentary series following ineos at the tdf to be released. Thought it would be out by now but can't find much info. Anyone seen anything? Are they still releasing it or have they shelved it?


  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 26,011
    Is there one? It was rumoured that there was one being made about Froome's comeback, but that's not a complete story yet.
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  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,832
    There was... at least I think there was. I am sure it was announced when the sky Ineos change happened. Was following the team for the duration of the tour and sounded similar to the movistar documentary.

    I can't find anything now though so perhaps I dreamed it :o
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 9,837
    Not sure about that but the MFs are going to have a bit of this later - they have no idea if its going to be any good but can't be worse than nothing...

  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 26,011
    There’s supposedly another Movistar one on the way too.
    Twitter: @RichN95
  • MattFalleMattFalle Posts: 9,837
    ooh - top stuff

    The MFs really liked the last one - it was, well, really nice.
  • RichN95. said:

    There’s supposedly another Movistar one on the way too.

  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,200
    If it's Movistar, won't they be releasing 3 at the same time?
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