New bike - oil on stanchions - more on one side?

I recently got myself a new bike with a RockShox Judy Silver fork and all has been good so far, however I noticed after the first ride that quite a bit of oil ended up on the stanchions, which I cleaned up and there is noticeably more oil on the right side (where the lockout switch is) than the left side.

I've had a few rides since, yesterday was probably my longest one for a good 1 hr 30 mins (mostly road riding with some light off road bits) and once again, when I came to cleaning the bike I noticed there is a lot of oil on the stanchions on the right side and a tiny bit on the left side.

Is this normal? Why is there more on one side?

You can see the pictures below:


  • mully79
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    The legs do different jobs. The leg with the lockout has the damping circuit inside which uses oil. The other leg is the spring and only has air inside.

    Something has failed on the damper leg side. Oil should not be coming out. Contact the seller asap.

    There is a little light oil added to foam rings to lubricate the seals on the air side which maybe the small amount on that leg.