KickR vs Flux - purchase decisons


Did anyone have to decide between the two when making a purchase decison and what did you end up buying and why?

Thank you.
The camera down the willy isn't anything like as bad as it sounds.


  • slowmart
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    Flux = Garmin “customer support” which is shockingly shite. And that’s being kind.

    Equally I’ve heard Wahoo and their comparative trainer have reached a similar level.

    The smart money would be to buy a pair of rollers and crack on as personally I’d question if both offerings have enough R&D behind them to be fit for purpose.

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  • ibr17xvii
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    My experience with Wahoo has been the polar opposite.

    Contacted them a couple of times & the service I've had has been top notch.

    With regards to the OP I had 2 Flux's which broke & to balance that I had 1 Kickr I had to send back as well.

    I've got about 4000k on my 2018 Kickr & had no issues (touch wood).