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Hi, I am complete been and know nothing! I have a Giant Contend AR 4 disc 2021 with a HG50 11 34t cassette. I also have a wahoo kickr core and need to buy a cassette for it.

I want to buy something that I can pick up locally as I'd like to use it this weekend. I can't find any HG50 11 34t ones in stock, so what am I looking for as an alternative? Will any Shimano 8 speed 11 34 work?


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    My local has a HG50 11 32, would that work or do I need 11 34
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    11/32 will work, it will just be that little bit harder.
    I'd have thought any Shimano cassette would work but surprised a 2021 bike came with 8 speed. 🤔

    Edit - Turns out they do. Hmmm. The gear jumps must be quite substantial but see NOTG's response for your solution.
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  • I believe any 8-speed cassette would work.

    A cassette with 32T as it's easiest gear might still work pretty well with your existing chain, but if the chain has wear from clocking up thousands of miles especially from riding wet roads, you might want to buy and fit a new chain at the same time.

    You can artifically increase the range of your cassette in turbo apps like Zwift by reducing the "trainer difficulty," so if stock is limited, you can make any cassette range work and still be able to climb the up to ~21% peak gradients.

    You might have luck at a local Halfords, getting a chain and cassette for ~£30, if you have British Cycling membership you can get 10% discount. Look on their site to check local stock levels, reserve what you want and book collection for 1+ hours later.
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    Thank you 😁