SOLD - Ghost SE 3000 Hardtail (34cm (13.25"), 26")

Ghost SE 3000 Hardtail Bike 2013

This has been well out grown now so selling to make room for the new one.

Not looking to eBay as I don't want want someone thinking this is a bargain and giving to little Timmy for Christmas without giving it a good once over first. My son was still riding this but it definitely needs a service. It makes a funny clicking noise when he pedals.

I'm open to any back & forth with questions.

No real upgrades. It has narrower handle bars but I have the originals which I'll include too. Pretty sure front and rear derailleur have been replaced over the years. Nothing else changed.

I bought it from chain reaction. Here's the original listing with specs:

Looking for £100.

Pedals not included.

Location is Leith Hill near Dorking in Surrey Hills.

Trying to get images to work:


  • Harry182
    Harry182 Posts: 1,169
    This looks excellent. Agree that it could be an excellent kid's Xmas present. Best of luck with your sale.